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Baby Passport Photos

Passports in the recent pasts are very important documents they are mostly use in the visa application,driving license and others,babies are not in exception of this but the only difference is that the requirements are not too tight compared to those of adults.Taking a baby passport photo could be the most difficult thing to a photographer and usually some things have to bee figured out to take and acceptable passport photo for a young baby.This is not an easy task but can be taken with some tricks being involved to make it meet the standard requirement therefore this can be done to achievement by taking a zillion of bad pictures in the process.

The best way to take a baby passport photo is to do it by yourself at home without the involvement of a photographer,taking the baby to the studio because some people just inform you this could be a very expensive figure to make for and this usually come with some factors since these passports may not be good enough and some may take babies while the eyes are closed.

For this description on taking the baby passport photo will involve the following steps.

First of all you have to go through the requirement so as to understand what you want to do,

The baby passport need to be facing the camera straight on,the eyes of the baby have to be open therefore use the opportunity when the baby is awake other than waiting for her to sleep,both ears must be visible in the photograph,the mouth must be closed,no parts of the parents be shown,the background of the photograph should be white and finally there should be no shadows on the subject face.

After knowing and understanding the requirements of the passport,find where the baby can sit comfortably in a car seat or relaxer, get two towels to roll up and place them behind the baby’s head,take a white sheet which will represent the background,take the camera and get someone who can hold the babies body in a position.

Take the rolled towels and place them in the seat this will ensure that the babies head is kept in a straight position in the passport,ensure that you place them under the white sheet,place the baby in a position and have the helper hold the babies body in a position make sure the baby is a wake while doing this then use your camera’s automatic focus feature and make sure you are using the right lighting option since you don’t want shadows on the babies passport photo.During this take a lot of pictures then u can make some selection afterwards where you can get one acceptable out of the many pictures.when you get the best photo then take it to the studio resize the photo to meet the requirements of the babies passport photo which can now be uploaded for other uses.

Where to get a Passport Photo

Passports and passport photos are important and necessary when you travel overseas. They not only make traveling overseas convenient, they also are a legal form of identification that can be used for various purposes. Passports and passport photos can make traveling overseas less stressful and much more enjoyable.

It is important to note that some are not sure where to get a passport photo; however, there are a number of places where you can have this done such as FedEx and UPS. Another place where you can get a passport and photo is the 1-hour Photo Lab at Costco. Some may not know it but there are over 400 Costco stores in the U.S. and they offer one of the lowest prices for this service. In addition, AAA also offers this service to its members. If you are a classic member, you can get a special rate.

There are three other places where you can get a passport photo and they are: Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS. With thousands of locations in the U.S., it shouldn’t be hard finding one near you. However, the cost could be a bit higher but if you’re in a hurry to get a passport photo, this option may work well for you.

In addition, there are other places where you can get a passport photo such as your local post office. The cost of getting a passport photo at a post office is around $15. College campuses also provide this service. To find out if your local college campus offers this service, check out their website.

Of course, passport photos can also be obtained at U.S. passport offices. This option makes it convenient because you can get your passport there, as well as your passport photo. If you are in a rush to get your passport, you can get it at a passport expediting service. In some cases, you can also get your passport photo there, too.

There are other benefits in having a passport and photo besides being convenient and traveling overseas. Another benefit is that it is a valid photo identification document. A passport and photo provides necessary proof of your name and your age. This document is an effective, legal identification when traveling and boarding flights. Most importantly, if you need to apply for a loan in another country, a passport will show that you are eligible to apply.

Some may not know it but a passport and photo will also manage all of your international travel needs and concerns. By having a US passport, you can travel without any worry throughout the US and also re-enter the country. Keep in mind; most countries throughout the world require certain documents such as a driver’s license or birth certificate. However, with a US passport, you won’t have to worry about having these documents.

To conclude, there are many places in the U.S. where you can get a passport and photo. Check out the aforementioned areas and then choose the location that will best fill your needs. Find out how getting a passport photo can make your traveling smoother and more enjoyable!

Passport Photo Requirements

Passport photo requirements entail a wide range of aspects. Particularly, the passport photo should have the following features: It should be taken by a commercial and professional photographer in person.

It should be a size of 70 mm high by 50 mm wide and designed such that the face height measures roughly between 36 mm and 31 mm from the crown to the chin of the head. It should also be sharp, clear and in con-center. Similarly, Photos can be coloured. Black and white colours are also acceptable.

The photo should be taken with an achromatic facial expression. It should also be taken with consistent lighting without shadows, blaze or flashing reflections. The photo should also be Taken in a straight orientation, with shoulders and face centrally positioned and squared in direction of the camera. In addition, it requires to be taken before a plainly white or clear-coloured platform with a distinct difference between the face and the platform.

Photos must exhibit natural skin tones. Master photos are not changed in any manner or taken from a currently existing photo. The photo should have been taken within the last month before the intended purpose. At the back of a photo, it should bear the following passport photo requirements; the name and full address for the photo studio.

The date on which the photo was taken should also be included. The photographer can use an official rubber stamp or write this information. Additional Stick-on marks are not acceptable. The guarantor should clearly declare: “I declare this to be the true likeness of (name of the applicant)”. He or she then provides a sign to validate the item.

Extra passport photo requirements are: Glasses can be worn when taking photos provided the eyes will be clearly visible without any glare in glasses. Sunglasses and tinged eye glasses are not acceptable. Photos having the red-eye impression or red eye effects are equally unacceptable. Head coverings such as hats and helmet should not be put on unless they are used daily for medical or religious grounds.

Full face must however be clearly see-able and that the head coverings should never cast shadows on the face. The hair may be down. Any Shadows are unacceptable. Uniform lighting to eliminate shadows across the shoulders or face, around the ears region or in background should be provided.

For children, the above highlighted rules will also apply. Furthermore, the following aspects should also be taken into account:

  • The Photos should display the head of the child and shoulders at maximum. The hand of the Parent or child should never feature in the photo.
  • The Passport Program always recognizes the trouble in acquiring an impartial expression of a newly born baby and will provide for some minor deviations in this regard.
  • For the newly born babies, photo can be taken when the child is resting in a seat of a car, provided a white blanket or material is laid over the seat beneath the head of the child. There should be no shades on the shoulders or face, around the ears region or on the background.

CVS Passport Photos

Pharmacies such as Wallgreen and CVS have diversified into a new and profitable line, and that is facilitating passport size photographs. This line of business makes sense because these American pharmacy stores have more outlets and are, therefore, easier to locate than a conventional studio. Moreover, passport size photos are necessary nowadays on every visa, passport, and many other documents.

CVS passport photos are cheaper than those from Wallgreen. Passport office collects a whopping $15 to $18 for each photograph. Walmart too offers this facility, but it collects $8 for every photograph. In contrast, CVS passport photos charges $10.99 for a pair, but this cost can be brought down with the help of some online coupons. Some of these coupons as well as flyers offer discount of almost $2. Effectively, the cost comes down to $8.99 for a pair of photos, though there are some stores that do have cheaper bargains. As of now, the average cost of passport photos set from CVS stores is about $9.99. However, cost of copies of same photograph comes down drastically to almost $2.00 per pair. These photographs are printed and delivered within a couple of hours unlike photographs taken from other stores. This is another reason for opting for these stores.

CVS stores also offer online photo service through Traveler can use mobile phone to access this service and pay with credit cards. But opting for in-store service is often better. The in-store photo service is manned by trained personnel. Requirements of passport and visa photos differ from country to country. Therefore, taking help from such professionals ensures that the photographs will meet the requirements and serve the purpose. For those who travel frequently, and tourists intending to travel from one country to another, this convenience is a blessing.

Travelers may have access to other photo apps that can give passport size photographs. However, these apps are not specifically designed for taking photos for any specific visa or passport. Effectively, the outcome depends upon the user’s awareness about requirements and ability to use the app as needed. Moreover, taking print can be an issue because the person would need the specific stationary for photograph, or approach any studio for that. The hassle can be completely avoided by searching for nearby CVS store. Not only will the work move faster, it will save the traveler a lot of botheration at the last moment.

Security is one of the biggest concerns nowadays. Digital pictures are easy to steal. Smaller and lesser known online photograph businesses may not have necessary safeguards to prevent identity theft, simply because such protection is expensive. If photos are taken at a reliable store, the traveler can afford to relax at the thought that necessary precautions have been taken by the company because it has a reputation to protect. In the worst situation, the traveler can sue the company and get decent compensation as well, which is not possible with lesser known online photo businesses. Because of these reasons, it is better to opt for businesses such as CVS stores for taking passport photographs, even though such companies charge a couple of dollars more for the first pair of passport photos.

CVS Photo Prints

Do you know you can easily and cheaply do CVS photo prints for yourself without first waiting for them to be developed in a photo lab? All you require is uploading your photos straight from your memory stick or your Camera’s SD card to the do-it-yourself printing station’s in store photo. The machine also allows one to edit and crop the images before even printing them. CVS photo prints make fabulous gifts in picture frames, as a collage or scrapbooks. If this exercise proves expensive to you, worry no more as CVS can also offer you up to 60 free images that are mostly in four by six prints.

How to Do CVS Photo Prints

Upload any picture file you want printed by inserting a memory stick or SD card into the self-printing CVS photo station at any local CVS store around you. Edit or crop the picture you choose in any style you like and select the number of prints you will like to have as well as their sizes.

After you are through with editing and cropping, click print and wait as your finished CVS photo prints come out of the CVS self- printing station. There you are! you have completed printing your pictures. Now, remove your SD card or memory stick from the CVS photo station, take your receipt and head to the counter to make your payments for the printing service.

However, if you badly need CVS photo prints, yet you do not have money or the photos themselves, do not worry at all. All CVS stations have entirely free photo prints for you. In fact, they offer up to 60 free four by six published pictures without paying a single cent. Do you want them? Let us see how you can get them for free.

How to Get Free Photos From CVS

The first step to getting free printed pictures is to have a CVS Extra care card. Do you have one? If not, just go to any local CVS station and ask for a CVS Extra care card forms. They will immediately give you the forms to fill, and immediately give you your red CVS additional Care card upon completion.

Take your card and head to the CVS website at Enter your new card details and sign up to their photo center. By just doing this, you would have qualified for 20 free prints, which are mostly four by six prints is size. You can also qualify for an extra 30 free copies of four by six each, by just adding your new CVS extra number into their system. If you still need more print images, then download their free CVS photo center software, and you will have an additional ten more print photos ready for free download.

The free 60 print photos are made available for printing at most local CVS stations after approximately one hour. The free four by six photos are however available for self-printing at all CVS printing stations after some few days in any part of the world. That is how easy you can do CVS photo prints for yourself, or better still get free 60 free print images for use. Thanks for your precious time and always feel free to share your printing experience on CVS photo printing.